The CHEER initiative is streamlining and improving research ethics review to enhance and expedite child health research across Canada.

Streamlining research to improve children’s health

The Canadian Collaboration for Child Health: Efficiency and Excellence in the Ethics Review of Research (CHEER) is a Canada-wide initiative on a mission to improve child health by streamlining research ethics review for child health research. CHEER is led by Clinical Trials Ontario and the Maternal Infant Youth Research Network, in partnership with the Queen’s University Faculty of Health Sciences, Office for Professional Development and Educational Scholarship, and investigators and collaborators across the country.

  Streamline Ethics Review Processes

Develop a collaborative approach to a streamlined ethics review process for cross-province studies, aiming to achieve a single ethics review for child health studies conducted in sites across Canada.


  Collaborate with REBs

Collaborate with Research Ethics Boards (REBs) and stakeholders to design and implement a Canada-wide REB assessment program based on applicable standards and the needs of the child health research and ethics review community.


  Deliver Educational Opportunities

Deliver key educational opportunities that promote effective research, foster the ethical conduct, and review of child health research and improve the research experience for participants and their families.


  Looking Forward

Prepare the ground for streamlined ethics review beyond pediatric research and identify future opportunities in collaboration with Canada’s ethics and research communities.

Help us streamline research to improve children’s health. If your institution is interested in getting involved with the CHEER initiative, contact us today.